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Olufemi Ojikutu

Licensed Financial Professional

Beyond his professional endeavors, Olufemi’s personality is well-rounded.

A music enthusiast, he finds joy in the sounds of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti. When seeking rejuvenation, his favorite vacation destination is a return to Nigeria, where the warmth of social connection offers a therapeutic escape.

Californian with a Nigerian Heart,

Olufemi Ojikutu, a Licensed Financial Professional with an impressive background (MSc, LLB, FCA, CISA), boasts extensive experience across diverse industries like banking and telecoms. Currently residing in California, Olufemi’s heart remains firmly connected to his Nigerian roots. The strong sense of community instilled in him there continues to be a cornerstone of his life.

While achieving financial success, Olufemi’s passion extends far beyond numbers. He is a champion for African immigrants navigating the complexities of the US financial system. His mission is to bridge the knowledge gap by educating them on financial opportunities and potential pitfalls, ultimately empowering them to achieve financial security.

This dedication to empowering others finds a strong outlet in his active involvement with the Nigerian Professionals Group (NPG). Olufemi considers NPG a pivotal force in his own professional development, crediting the organization with expanding his network and propelling his career forward.
He is a vocal advocate for NPG, recognizing its mission to empower and connect Nigerian professionals across the diaspora. He wholeheartedly encourages others to join NPG, highlighting the invaluable platform it provides for professional growth and advancement
Olufemi exemplifies a well-rounded individual who leverages his financial expertise to empower others and build bridges within his community. His passion for financial literacy and his dedication to his Nigerian heritage make him a valuable asset to both his professional network and the African immigrant community in the US
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