Deep Dive

Deep Dive

This initiative is a debate style concept that will present a broader scope to the nuance of day-to-day realities in the professionals life and provide an engaging avenue for the professional to share their thoughts and help shape the future. The busy life of professionals and the demand of the day to day responsibilities does not leave dedicated time for intellectual discuss of topical issues and concepts that prevails in the business and market space. Business is the life blood of society and it is on the success of businesses that society runs. The need to engage in deep dialogues, and topical exploration of issues that affect professionals from different point of views with conclusive submissions and recommendation should be a vital part of professional development.

A few topics discussed previously:

Past Events:

2020 Deep Dive

A panel based event, in 2 parts titled Beyond the Pandemic discussing the impacks of the pandemic, recovery path and how to move forward.
The panelist were, Ohiole Omoruan, Tolu Peters, Jide Ofisekun and Ethel David. The recording of the event can be found on your youtube page

2022 Tax Ready Event

Hosted by the Prolific Joy Meregini featuring Tax Advisor and Consulatant Fola Bamgbowu the team comes together to host another edition of the Tax Reasy Event. To further educated and sensitize more individuals while building on some major points and questions asked from the previous year.

2022 Black History Month

Hosted by our VP Membership Mo Abiola, we had deep converstations with our guests in a panel styled format disucssing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion alongside upholding the black heritage in corporate America.

2023 Black History Month

Hosted by the Prolific Joy Meregini a panel event was setup featuring Walter Oluwole and Ahmed S. Mohammed to define the term Black Success. 

What it means to be black and of African Heritage in America and the success stories that lie beneath the struggle. The theme of the Event was, Black Excellence, The Stories Beneath.

2024 Black History Month

Hosted by Adesuwa Igbineweka & Emmanuel Eshiett the event featured Dr Victoria Adeleye and Oluranti Adepoju to define the intersection of Black Success and Mental Health. 

Cultural perspective on success and mental health, stigma, impact of mental health and work performance, support systems,  resources/services needed to improve mental health..

2024 Tax Event

A panel based event, featuring Oluwole A. Babalola, Taiwo Agbaje and Aaron Mundele. 

The event was not just about meeting legal obligations, but also embracing tax filing as a key element of financial literacy and wealth management.