Program Initiatives

As a true professional, lifelong learning and community are the two most important ingredients for living a fulfilling life. We unite Nigerians and Africans in diaspora, rising leaders and introduce them to the most transformative people, ideas, and experiences focused on making a lasting impact and redefine our narrative.

Are you looking to be a part of a team that makes an impact? Do you want to maximize your potential? Are you new to the Boston area? Are you a student, and need like minds to help you settle in? If you answered yes! to any of the questions, then check out the opportunities on the NPG site and become part of this great movement!

Mentorship Program

Effective mentoring enables younger professionals, students seeking out their career paths receive in-person, hand-holding, career and business advisory from accomplished/experienced individuals to develop specific skill sets and knowledge that will enhance/facilitate their growth and development along their career or entrepreneurial journey as they start and grow in their professional life. Our desire over the years, is to become a formidable mentoring program that will act as a springboard and catalyst for professional and entrepreneurial development for Nigerians and Africans in Diaspora with evident success stories.