Program Initiatives

As a true professional, lifelong learning and community are the two most important ingredients for living a fulfilling life. We unite Nigerians and Africans in diaspora, rising leaders and introduce them to the most transformative people, ideas, and experiences focused on making a lasting impact and redefine our narrative.

Are you looking to be a part of a team that makes an impact? Do you want to maximize your potential? Are you new to the Boston area? Are you a student, and need like minds to help you settle in? If you answered yes! to any of the questions, then check out the opportunities on the NPG site and become part of this great movement!

Menorship Program

Effective mentoring enables younger professionals, students seeking out their career paths receive in-person, hand-holding, career and business advisory from accomplished/experienced individuals to develop specific skill sets and knowledge that will enhance/facilitate their growth and development along their career or entrepreneurial journey as they start and grow in their professional life. Our desire over the years, is to become a formidable mentoring program that will act as a springboard and catalyst for professional and entrepreneurial development for Nigerians and Africans in Diaspora with evident success stories.

Career Fair

Our commitment is to create an event that connects student with potential employers, establish professional career relationships, and discuss potential job or internship opportunities. Asides organizing a career fair, we will also organize career fair bootcamps to help our members understand the nuance of getting your foot in the door of a potential employer. There are both general and specialized career fair events. Our desire is to help bridge the gap for students in their transition to the workplace or for professionals looking for new opportunities in their career. The African student schooling in the United States and looking to gain some work experience upon graduation will requires some cultural and social insights to help them adapt into the American workforce and boost their chances at employability.

Career Hub

The NPG Career Hub is career development series. Our commitment is to “create an inspiring atmosphere for career conversations, dialogue with career experts, panel discussions, job search strategies and networking for our members - students, professionals and entrepreneurs. With the Career Hub, members can explore their career path with relevant career advice & resources to make their search easier. Members can learn how they can up your career status with valuable career development advice.

StartUp HQ

The business of creating a product or service and deliver value to society is an important venture that helps every society grow. The ingenuity of entrepreneurs and founders needs the necessary ecosystem to support and nurturing their ideas and help their dreams to grow. his challenge presents an opportunity for NPG to help our aspiring members who want to start up a business to get all the necessary resources and support they need to create, package and launch their ideas. Beyond the processed thought that delivers tangible value and creating an enterprise to exchange this value for profit in society, is the due diligence required by the state to become an approved entity to engage in business transactions. All though the opportunities to create value abounds, the nuance of setting up a business, create a product or service and going to market can be daunting.

Deep Dive

This initiative is a debate style concept that will present a broader scope to the nuance of day-to-day realities in the professionals life and provide an engaging avenue for the professional to share their thoughts and help shape the future. The busy life of professionals and the demand of the day to day responsibilities does not leave dedicated time for intellectual discuss of topical issues and concepts that prevails in the business and market space. Business is the life blood of society and it is on the success of businesses that society runs. The need to engage in deep dialogues, and topical exploration of issues that affect professionals from different point of views with conclusive submissions and recommendation should be a vital part of professional development.

Annual Gala & Awards

NPG Annual Gala and Awards is a special evening of celebration in the life of the Nigerian professionals (professional with Nigerian roots too) to raise positive awareness of the Nigerian-in-diaspora, celebrate great achievements and give accolades to Nigerians making a difference in their respective industries and communities. This will event will bring together Nigerian professionals from far and wide. Our NPG Annual Gala and Awards is more than just a party. It is a gathering of like minds who are passionate about giving back to our root, making a difference, fostering unity and celebrating the profound success and contribution of Nigerians-in-diaspora. NPG seeks to use this experience and platform to reshape the narrative about Nigeria and Nigerians, as well as bring about social change.