Thrive ’23 Gala Night Success

Experience the Success of Thrive'23 Gala Night

What an absolute blast we had at the Thrive gala and award night 2023.

Celebrating the Success of Thrive'23 Gala Night.

We can't thank you enough for bringing your infectious energy and enthusiasm to the party. From the dazzling outfits to the dance floor shenanigans, each one of you added your sparkle to the night, making it a truly memorable experience. Your presence turned the gala into a celebration that perfectly embodied the spirit of Thrive.  We hope you had as much fun as we did, whether you were busting out your signature dance moves, indulging in the delicious treats, or just soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. Your presence turned an ordinary night into an extraordinary one, and we're so lucky to have such an amazing community to celebrate with. 

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Unlock the Benefits of Thrive'23 Gala Night

As we reflect on the fantastic time we shared, we want to express our gratitude to YOU for being a part of this special occasion. And to once again remind us to carry the spirit of this event with us even as we step into a new year. NPG in over the years have used Gala Nights to connect with industry leaders, gain exposure for your brand, and celebrate your achievements. This exclusive event offers unparalleled networking opportunities and a chance to be part of something extraordinary.

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Expand your professional network, showcase your expertise, and celebrate your success.

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The Thrive Story.

Thrive is the story of resilience, excellence, and grit. It is more than just a tale; it is a living, breathing testament to the power of our collective spirit. In every triumph, setback, and shared moment, it is a narrative that binds us together. Thrive is how we come together as a community to show up and show out. It illustrates how we face challenges head-on and emerge stronger on the other side. It's not about perfection but the continuous pursuit of our best selves. It's the refusal to succumb to difficulties, the courage to persist when the path is tough, and the relentless pursuit of our goals.   Thrive is about our heritage, our strength, our culture, the Black joy, and Black excellence! It is a living presence that shapes our journey. It's the determination that fuels our progress, and the unity that stands resilient in the face of challenges. It is the dance of our shared experiences. They illuminate our triumphs, our joys, and the brilliance that emanates from every individual within our community. Thrive recognizes and celebrates the unique contributions of each person, affirming that our collective excellence reflects the brilliance within.   Thrive is what we celebrate! The warmth of shared dreams and collective achievements has brought us to moments of triumph. Let us raise our glasses not only to the achievements we've unlocked but also to the challenges we've conquered. In every obstacle faced, we found an opportunity to soar and emerge stronger.  

Experience the Thrive'23 Gala

Discover the highlights and excitement of our unforgettable Thrive'23 Gala Night.

We are Thrive.

Thrive is all our honorees. It is Tope Awotona, Dr. Ajayi, Prince Nnah, Frank Dike, Patience Noah, Blessing Ebosetele, Tosin Joel, and Prince Daniel. They stand before us not just as individuals, but as a collective force of heroes and champions who continue to break barriers, make a global impact, and light the way as trailblazers in their respective fields. Each of them embodies the spirit of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence, inspiring us all to reach higher and strive for greatness.    Thrive is our sponsor Premier Healthcare, Angel Care, NSBE Boston, NAAIA Boston, Huntington Theatre, DJ Emteezy, and a host of other visionary partners who have played a pivotal role in supporting our collective journey toward success. Their unwavering commitment to fostering well-being, providing essential resources, and nurturing innovation has been instrumental in propelling us forward.    Thrive is the NPG leadership team—individuals whose resilience, dedication, and unwavering loyalty form the bedrock of our success. Through challenges and triumphs, they have steered our course with vision and purpose, inspiring all of us to reach new heights. In their leadership, we find a source of strength, a driving force that propels us forward. I acknowledge and honor the NPG leadership team for their exceptional contributions, recognizing that their efforts have been instrumental in making 'Thrive' more than just a word but a living reality within our community. 

The Thrive Foundation.

Thrive is our Advisory Board members, a collective of wise minds and seasoned leaders whose guidance has been the compass guiding our journey. Their wealth of experience, strategic insights, and unwavering support have been indispensable in shaping our path to success. Let us extend our heartfelt appreciation to these individuals who, through their wisdom and dedication, have played a pivotal role in steering us towards growth and prosperity. Thrive, for us, is not just a destination but a continuous journey, fueled by the invaluable contributions of our esteemed individuals.  Thrive is our volunteers, the unsung heroes of our success, who have generously given their skills and time to make this journey a resounding success. Their selfless dedication and tireless efforts form the backbone of our achievements, illustrating that true greatness lies in the collective contributions of those who believe in a shared vision. Thrive is the story of grit shared by Babatunde and Tahilla. It is the story of greatness shared by Professor Yemi Osinbajo. These narratives embody the essence of resilience, determination, and the indomitable spirit that propels individuals to overcome challenges. Their journeys remind us that 'Thrive' is not just a destination but a testament to the strength found within each person's story 

The Thrive Impact .

Thrive is Omari Aarons Martins and Tope Ajayi, our esteemed guest speakers whose words and experiences, bring to life the essence of thriving—showcasing resilience, innovation, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. We are reminded that 'Thrive' is not just a concept but a lived reality shaped by individuals who embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.    Thrive is a friendship built on support, trust, and shared dreams—embodied by Dare Anigioro, Dare Adediran, Dr. Akinjobi, Bukola Bakare, and Tope Ajayi. These friends not only saw the vision but wholeheartedly supported the dream. They exemplify the strength that comes from genuine connections.  Tonight, as we celebrate, let us acknowledge and honor the bonds that extend beyond the professional realm, recognizing that true 'Thrive' is nurtured by friendships grounded in support, trust, and a shared passion for realizing extraordinary dreams.   Thrive are individuals who keep the light on—Adedire, Adesuwa, Idris, Ladi, Emmanuel, Ola, Emem, Tosin, Azu, Toni, and countless others who tirelessly illuminate the path to success. In their roles as beacons of inspiration, they remind us that 'Thrive' is not just an individual pursuit but a collective effort to keep the flame of progress burning bright.  

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Experience the unforgettable moments from Thrive'23 Gala Night

Experience the Unforgettable Moments of Thrive'23 Gala Night

Thrive is the bedrock of our vision for 2026, as we call those things that are not as though they were. In pursuing our ambitious goals, 'Thrive' becomes the foundation upon which we build our dreams into reality. It's a declaration of confidence, a commitment to manifesting a future that surpasses our current imagination. As we embark on this journey, let 'Thrive' be the guiding principle that transforms aspirations into achievements, and may our collective vision for 2026 be a testament to the unwavering belief in the possibility of what lies ahead.   Thrive is our project manager who, despite being 10,000 miles away, came on board with unwavering dedication and took ownership of the work. Her commitment and proactive approach transcend physical distances, proving that true leadership knows no geographical bounds. Demonstrating that success is achievable, regardless of the miles that may separate us.


Expand your professional network, showcase your expertise, and celebrate your success.


Relive the unforgettable memories created at Thrive'23 Gala Night.

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Unleash Your Potential at Thrive'23 Gala Night

Thrive is our founder—a testament to the incredible journey through life, navigating the intricate paths of a Ph.D. program, working at Liberty Mutual Insurance as a global finance leader, and simultaneously leading a startup like this. In the delicate balance between academia, corporate responsibilities, and entrepreneurial endeavors, 'Thrive' becomes a personal mantra, reflecting resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In the spirit of these themes, let my story symbolize that thriving is not just a destination but a dynamic and ongoing journey, fueled by passion, determination, and the courage to embrace diverse challenges on the road to success.   Thrive is each one of you reading this; it's what makes us unique. The spirit of resilience and grit, woven into the fabric of our collective journey, binds us together as a community of achievers. As we celebrate our individual and shared triumphs, let us carry this spirit forward, recognizing that 'Thrive' is not just a destination but a continuous commitment to overcoming challenges and reaching new heights. Together, we embody the essence of resilience, and it is this very spirit that propels us toward a future filled with endless possibilities. Here's to thriving, both individually and as a community, as we forge ahead into the promising chapters that await us.