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The NPG Gala and Awards Night is the crown jewel of The Nigerian Professional Group’s annual calendar. This night, more than any other, is a testament to the relentless drive and boundless potential of African professionals. From all corners of the globe, we gather—within and beyond the United States—to honor our extraordinary achievements, to celebrate our triumphs, and to bask in the glow of our collective brilliance.

It is the one night in the year, where the brightest minds across diverse industries unite to forge connections that will shape the future. It is a night where the air is electric with possibility, and the promise of greatness hangs heavy like a storm on the horizon.

This year, we proudly host our 4th gala celebration, marking a milestone—our 5th year as a beacon for African professionals. For five years, we have been the vanguard, dedicated to propelling both the personal and professional lives of our members to unprecedented heights. Our impact on the global economy is undeniable, fueled by the ingenuity, determination, and sheer brilliance of our members.

The theme for this year’s gala is nothing short of a clarion call: ELEVATE!

Elevate is more than a theme—it is a rallying cry. A summons to transcend limitations, to soar above challenges, and to reach pinnacles of success previously deemed unattainable. It is a command to push beyond the boundaries of possibility and to uplift not just ourselves, but our entire community. In this spirit, we stand ready to embrace every opportunity, to shatter every barrier, and to support one another as we ascend to new heights.

Join us for a night of unparalleled inspiration, where every conversation crackles with the energy of untapped potential, and every moment pulses with the thrill of what lies ahead. Let us come together to elevate our aspirations, our achievements, and our future. This is our night. This is our moment. This is the NPG Gala and Awards Night. Prepare to be elevated.

The event is open to African professionals from all industries, both within and outside the United States. Members of The Nigerian Professional Group, their guests, and other interested professionals are welcome to attend.

This year, we are embracing African Elegance or black tie! Come and represent your culture and show us how it’s done. Let’s celebrate our roots and heritage in grand style.

Yes, there are various sponsorship packages available for organizations that wish to support the event. For more information, please contact info@thenigerianprogroup.com

Absolutely! The NPG Gala and Awards Night is designed to facilitate networking across various industries. There will be dedicated networking sessions and plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow professionals.

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Upcoming Event - Elevate: NPG 4th Annual Gala and Awards


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