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Azu Eleonu

Knowledge Research Computing Data Analyst

His advice to others?

"Quiet the noise, be yourself, work hard, and it will all be worth it."

Bridging Heritage

Azu Eleonu, a Nigerian-American with a mind that thrives on technology, perfectly embodies the blend of his rich Nigerian heritage and American ingenuity. This talented Data Analyst works in the cutting-edge field of healthcare cloud informatics, a testament to his American drive to innovate. Yet, beneath the surface lies a deep connection to his Nigerian roots, a connection he actively fosters through his involvement in the Nigerian Professionals Group (NPG).

Azu's academic journey led him to a master's degree in Information Technology. He spent his early career wearing different hats in consulting and software engineering. Recently, he found his niche in healthcare cloud informatics, and absolutely loves it! His career goals are ambitious; in the next decade, he aspires to become a leader in his field, a Business Manager and Programming Lead.
While excelling in his career, Azu finds time for his passions. When he's not diving into data, you might find him behind the DJ booth, spinning tunes as "DJ ZAZU". Azu also cheers on his favorite Boston sports teams, particularly the Celtics and Bruins. To unwind, he enjoys traveling, especially to the lively summer destination of Newport, RI.
Family is central to Azu's life. He feels grateful for the love and support of his mom, sister, and brother. He holds a special place in his heart for his late father, Dr. Benjamin Eleonu, who significantly influenced the person he is today. Azu's story exemplifies how embracing your heritage and pursuing your passions can lead to a fulfilling life.
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