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Steve Idowu

Business and Technology Strategist and Consultant

Bonus Fun Fact: Steve’s ambidexterity allows him to tackle tasks with double the efficiency!

Steve extends a special shoutout to Kay and all the inspiring leaders and volunteers at NPG, recognizing their tireless dedication to making a difference!

Architecting Success

Data-Driven Leader | Strategic Thinker |Bicultural Bridge Builder

Steve Idowu, a seasoned business and technology strategist with a bi-cultural perspective shaped by his upbringing in Ilorin, Nigeria and Chicago, USA, possesses a unique ability to bridge the gap between business needs and innovative technological solutions. Currently residing in Weymouth, Steve leverages his extensive experience in the financial services and insurance industry to lead a team of data scientists, analysts, researchers, and business leaders.

Steve's leadership style revolves around extracting actionable insights from complex data sets. He fosters a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued, ultimately transforming data into strategic decision-making tools that drive optimal outcomes for the organization. Experimentation and a forward-thinking approach are his hallmarks, constantly seeking new ways to leverage technology and unlock its full potential.
Looking ahead, Steve envisions himself at the helm of a business and technology organization, leading a team that thrives on data-driven strategies and fosters continuous innovation. He believes this approach is key to achieving sustainable success in today's rapidly evolving landscape.
Beyond the professional realm, Steve celebrates his rich African heritage, holding onto the warmth of family connections and the vibrant culinary traditions close to his heart. For a well-deserved escape, Jamaica's infectious spirit and Aruba's breathtaking beauty are his go-to destinations.
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