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Joy Meregini

VP, Project Manager, Financial Services

A Message of Inspiration:

Joy believes in pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. For anyone considering joining or volunteering with NPG, his message is clear: it has the potential to be a transformative experience. Don't hesitate to take that leap.

A Global Citizen with

Joy Meregini brings a diverse background to the table. His experience spans across financial services, transportation, healthcare, education, and IT, equipping her with a wealth of knowledge and a knack for navigating complex projects. Having lived in both Nigeria and the UK, Joy possesses a unique global perspective. He keenly observes cultural differences, appreciating the emphasis on rule of law in Western societies, as evidenced by her initial experience transitioning from Nigeria. This global understanding allows him to effectively manage teams and projects, fostering collaboration despite varying priorities and approaches.

Beyond his professional achievements, Joy is passionate about building bridges within the African diaspora community. His involvement with organizations like NPG exemplifies his commitment to creating a strong and impactful network for professionals. Through NPG, Joy actively connects with like-minded individuals, contributing to meaningful change within the diaspora.
Fueled by a dedication to continuous learning and growth, Joy aspires to become the Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase within the next decade. His leadership skills, industry experience, and global perspective position his to make a significant contribution to the company's success.
While strategic thinking and execution define his professional persona, Joy thrives outside the boardroom. When he's not tackling complex projects, he finds solace in the melodies of the piano, cheers with fervor for Aston Villa football club, and delves into the rich tapestry of history, with Turkey recently capturing her heart.
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