Members Spotlight-Emem

Emem Obot

The Ambidextrous Lawyer

For anyone aspiring to join NPG, Emem offers sage advice:

Research the organization's mission and values thoroughly, and be prepared to demonstrate your passion and commitment during the application process. With dedication and determination, you too can become a part of NPG's transformative journey.

Meet Emem Obot, a dynamic legal mind and invaluable secretary at NPG, who brings a unique blend of professionalism, adaptability, and cultural insight to the table. Hailing from a country where revealing one’s age is often considered taboo, Emem found herself in a delightful cultural shock upon arriving in the United States.

With her adept organizational skills and keen attention to detail, Emem plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless administrative operations at NPG. From managing correspondence to coordinating crucial meetings, she is the unsung hero behind the scenes, keeping the wheels of progress turning smoothly.


Emem's contributions extend far beyond her administrative duties. As a passionate advocate for NPG's mission, Her commitment to the cause shines through in everything she does, making her an indispensable asset to the organization.
When she's not busy championing NPG's initiatives, Emem indulges her adventurous spirit by dreaming of exotic getaways to Jamaica and Aruba. With a love for Jamaican culture and an appreciation for Aruba's paradise-like landscapes, she finds solace in the thought of exploring these vibrant destinations someday.
Fun fact: Emem is not just your average secretary – she's ambidextrous! Whether she's drafting legal documents or jotting down meeting notes, she effortlessly switches between her left and right hands, showcasing her exceptional dexterity. Join us in celebrating Emem Obot, the ambidextrous legal luminary whose unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm continue to propel NPG toward greater heights of success.
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