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NPG is a thriving community for innovative professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and students who are passionate about making a lasting positive impact. We believe everyone has limitless potential, and our mission is to create a platform where leaders can accelerate unity and progress by sparking a new narrative.

Our members learn from leading minds, attend curated gatherings, develop their potential, grow their professional and social network, actively participate in sharing our successes and establish lifelong bonds. NPG is committed to your continuous development, career growth and seeks to be the best Nigerian Professional Group in diaspora.

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Are you a professional, entrepreneur, or student of Nigerian descent? There is a seat for you at our table!

Becoming a member is your passport to a vibrant community. It’s simple – just make sure you meet all our membership eligibility requirements. And guess what? While we’re a community of Nigerians, we extend a warm welcome to individuals from other African countries or of African descent who resonate with our values. Come be a part of something remarkable!

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Membership Criteria

At NPG, we're all about propelling our dedicated members to greater heights, supercharging their influence and impact. To join our ranks, here are the key criteria:

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Membership FAQ

The N.P.G. is an acronym for the Nigerian Professional Group. The brain child of well meaning and visionary Nigerian professionals in the New England area on the east coast. We unite Nigerians and Africans in diaspora, rising leaders and introducing them to the most transformative people, ideas, and experiences focused on making a lasting impact and redefine our African narrative. NPG serves as a nexus for transformative collaborations and professional excellence, that will lead to unprecedented growth, unity, progress, and fulfillment for the Nigerian Professional in diaspora.
Our membership is pretty simple. If you are a Nigerian professional, i.e engaged in a specific profession as one’s main paid occupation, Entrepreneur, student or of Nigerian descent, Intellectually curious and willing to support any of our initiative, then you are qualified to become a member! However, there are five different membership category in NPG namely – Professional, Entrepreneur, Student, Board member and Board of Trustees.
There is no associated cost required to become a member at this point. Membership is free.
The Membership process is in three easy steps, apply for membership, your membership application is reviewed and once reviewed, your will get your membership notice and activation. Now you can get involved in any our initiatives as a member of NPG.
You are now eligible to serve in any capacity for our initiatives and help shape our vision and the future of the group. You can now benefit from all our program and media initiatives in the group.
We engage our members and community in so many different ways. Members get access to annual experiences tailored for our different membership categories from our program initiatives to Conferences, Masterclasses, Networking Soirees and our Annual Gala. Our events are designed for a diverse group of peers to enable our members learn, grow, and make an impact.
Membership is for life! As long as you remain actively engaged in your profession, business or learning as a student. However, you are required to be actively engaged in promoting at least one initiative each year. However, you do not have to promote/support the same initiative each year. Memebers are encouraged to support new initiative each year to enable them grow and learn.
While membership is for life (as long as you are actively engaged in your profession, business or learning), membership is subject to certain rules and regulations that will be shared during membership application review. Membership can be withdrawn for gross misconduct.

 We are a group of professional seeking the good of all. We have a mentorship program open to members and our program initiatives is open to all.

Our events are opened to all! Anyone can attend our events, most of our program events serves the greater good for all professionals in our community.