Welcome to Nigerian Professional Group Gala & Awards 2022

Welcome to Nigerian Professional Group Gala & Awards 2022

Welcome to Nigerian Professional Group Gala & Awards 2022

Welcome to Nigerian Professional Group Gala & Awards 2022
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A philosopher once said ‘The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.’The NPG Annual Gala and Awards is an initiative geared to promote the achievements of Africans in the diaspora, and their impact in our communities. Tonight and in the weeks leading up to this event we have made a deliberate effort to showcase the amazing things our fellow Africans are doing in their prospective industries, fields, and professions. Our Awardees have shown their desire to succeed, and have truly excelled and deserve to be put on a pedal stool and celebrated.We are an organization that caters to students, professionals and entrepreneurs. This year we are expanding our award to focus on Africans and the impact of their exceptional professionalism and entrepreneurship in the community and within their various industries.

Award Categories


The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to exemplary Africans in Diaspora in recognition of exceptional leadership, service and a passion for the development and advancement of Africans. Through their actions and contributions, the recipients have been benevolent towards the causes for Africa. In their respective communities, accomplishments that are truly extraordinary, widely recognized as such, and of positive and lasting quality.


The Trailblazer Award is presented to leaders and entrepreneurs in recognition of their commitment and sacrifice, who have demonstrated a visionary track record for excellence and innovation. An ambitious leader who is building and sustaining successful and dynamic business on a transformational journey, they have made great contributions to the communities for many years and have reaffirmed through their perseverance and dedication.


The Visionary Award honors leaders whose trailblazing work impacts the ongoing drive to shape the foundation of Africans and create a sense of belonging within our community for African in diaspora. This award also seeks to recognize the commitment, support, and visionary input that continues to shape NPG goals and strategy.


The Impact Award honors leaders whose commitment, sacrifice and advocacy work drives positive impacts in our community The award recognizes work that presents innovative ideas and contribution to knowledge that has proved influential and impactful in our community.

As we celebrate the trail blazers amongst us, I would like to invite you to seize the opportunity to network, mingle and enjoy the amazing agenda we have prepared for the evening.Wishing you all the compliments of the season :christmas_tree:.Joy Chikezie MEREGINI

  •       MC welcome
  •       NPG Stories
  •       Award presentation 1 – Visionary Award
  •       Award presentation 2 – Visionary Award
  •       Sponsor remarks
  •       NPG Board member remarks
  •       Dinner & Entertainment
  •       Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
  •       Keynote speaker
  •       Entertainment break
  •       Award presentation 3 – Trailblazer Award
  •       Award presentation 4 – Trailblazer Award
  •       Scholarship Presentation
  •       Fundraising
  •       Award presentation 5 – Impact Award
  •       NPG Heroes/ Highlight
  •       NPG President remarks
  •       MC Closing
  •       Entertainment/ After Party